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Hospitality Cleaning Services & Office Services

Telcomaid provides a wide range of expert hospitality cleaning and housekeeping services at hotels, casino’s, lodges, resorts and conference venues. While we specialize in hotel housekeeping cleaning and the provision of housekeeping services we also provide the hospitality industry with specialist kitchen staff including chefs , gardeners and drivers. Our services also include, but are not limited to, scullery services and the cleaning of kitchens.

At Telcomaid we aim to deliver expert speciality services to the hospitality industry. Hospitality cleaning services and housekeeping services are but a few of our truly diverse product range.


HOURLY RATES PER WORKER (please note that prices may increase annually on the 25 January-usually at only 10%)

Housekeepers (Room Attendants, Gardeners etc)

08h30-16h00 R 90 per hour

Office Mates/Workers.

08h00-16h00 R90 per hour

Driving(Van &Truck Drivers)

08h00-17h00 R90 per hour

Please note that there will be a once-off administration fee of ony R1000 which will be billed together with the number of days the clients requested in advance. The first invoice will reflect the admin fee of R1000 and charges for all days the client requested at the estimation of 8hours a day. Any debit or credit will be handled accordingly on the next invoice.

Please note

For part time placement the only option is outsourcing. The clients has an option to employ directly if the client decide to employ full time.


Clients have an option to use our outsourcing service whereby clients get workers to work for them under Telcomaid's payroll. When choosing this option the client will pay the salary agreed upon to Telcomaid and in turn Telcomaid will make sure that worker is paid on time and we will also take care of all labour related matters including paying UIF and handling CCMA matters as they arise. Telcomaid will deduct 15% from the salary paid for administration and UIF and pay the remaining 85% to the worker. The condition when selecting this option is that the client must pay the salary in advance before the worker starts working and a once off administration fee of only R1000. This is to ensure that the worker is paid on time and when the client home situation changes the client has to give notice of 1 month and at the end of the notice month the client will not pay the salary as Telcomaid will use the payment that was made in advance when the service started. You will get unlimited replacements if not happy with the selected worker for as long as you are a client. However chances of dissatisfaction with the workers are slim as we recruit and select the best candidates. However sometimes the energies of the worker and boss might not sync well, hence Telcomaid is open to replace such worker at no charge whatsoever and place such worker with another client.


The fee will be 15% of the annual employee income. This is applicable if you want to be the direct employer and pay the worker directly. This option include a 3 months warranty which gives the client an option to get a free replacement when the need for replacement arise.